Hot Chocolate!

Indulge yourself with the best hot chocolate you will ever make.
I know Spring is just around the corner but there are is still quite a bit of time before we shut off the furnace and shed the heavy jackets. Plus there is never a bad time to indulge in the pure luxury of a cup of creamy smooth hot chocolate. So I tell myself.

hot chocolate.jpg

This recipe is simplicity itself so you can make it for yourself during a break in your household chores or when the kids and your significant other have gone to bed.
This is therapy in a cup!

Remember whole milk is better than cream. Purchase the best quality chocolate you can afford, this is available in the gourmet section of your supermarket or seek out a specialty store in your area. Do not use commercial chocolate bars as they have a high sugar content which impairs the flavour

2 cups of whole milk
5ozs. of Bittersweet chocolate chopped.

Brown Sugar (optional).

Heat the milk slowly in a pan, as it warms up add the chocolate, whisk constantly until the chocolate is melted and the liquid starts to thicken. If you want a thicker consistency lower the heat slightly and continue to whisk for another 2 or 3 minutes.
Taste and add brown sugar if desired.

Pour into your favourite cup, put your feet up and enjoy.

Posted on March 8, 2013 .